Thermal Imaging for Millennial Pet Owners

In 2019, JAVMA reported that two-thirds of US households own pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, 80% of “millennials” and “generation Zs” report owning dogs. Who are these milliennial pet owners?  Besides being born between 1980 and 2001, they have new and unique views of pet ownership. Baby-boomers love their pets, but the things that are important to millennial and gen Z dog parents are much different and worth understanding, especially when we talk veterinary care.

Like all generations, millennials are labeled with unique traits. They make decisions with conviction and are comfortable spending their discretionary income on things that they consider non-discretionary. 76% of millennial pet owners say they splurge more on their pets than they do themselves, and 71% would take a pay cut if it meant they could take their pet to work. (These traits allow them to enjoy doing things like dressing their dog in costume for Halloween!)

They also are considered the first “fully connected” generation. They are the first generation to document their lives for the world to see and have never experienced a world without a cell phone. Technology at their fingertips is accessible and important to them.

Millennials and gen Zs are also the most conscientious demographic. They look for natural, organic, hypoallergenic solutions, and are very interested in any Fear Free® solutions for training, grooming and veterinary care. The baby boomers were the first generation to consider pets as part of the family, but 82% of millennials decide to get a pet to prepare for having a family, and consider their pet to be their child.

Digital Thermal Imaging is an ideal diagnostic tool for the younger, tech savvy, pet-owning generations. Often, these pet owners understand thermal imaging better than the traditional veterinary team. They are comfortable using technology with their pet and love the idea that their veterinarian can “look inside” and see what might be going on. The Digatherm® veterinary thermal imaging system is quick, easy to use, and helps veterinarians communicate with the pet owner. The thermal images can easily show where one needs to look further, and help to create a roadmap for treatment, as progress can be followed with subsequent images.

Having thermal imaging as part of your diagnostic tools is a proactive approach to health and wellness. Millennial and gen Z pet owners will thank you for the clear picture and your commitment to their beloved family member.

“Made you look!” This Digatherm image is a great example of how thermal imaging can help veterinarians take a deeper look at their patients. Pet owners can easily visualize difference in symmetry and understand the need to look further.

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