Fire Safety Tips For Pets

Fire, Fire!

Fire disasters can happen and it never hurts to be prepared.  Do you have a plan for your pet in the event of a fire?  Since 2009,  July 15th is dedicated to National Pet Fire Safety Day.  This is a day to learn and plan, in order to keep all members of your family safe during fire emergencies.

Do you have a fire safety plan?  Be sure that your pets are part of the plan.  Take them with you when you practice your escape route.  Be sure that they are well-trained to come when you call.  Your goal is to get everyone out of your home quickly and safely, however you should never delay your escape or put yourself in danger to chase down a pet.  Preparation may help prevent disaster. Have a disaster supply kit ready for your pets as well as your human family members.  Determine where your pets should stay if you end up being displaced from your home.  Be sure your entire family is aware of all the details and practice your routine.

Help fire professionals save your pet by keeping your pets in a location close to an entrance or window when you are not home.  Keep leashes and collars ready.  Use a “pet alert“ window sticker by the front door in an easily visible location.  Be sure that you list the accurate number of animals on the sticker and keep it updated!  The ASPCA has a free Pet Safety Pack available HERE.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 1000 home fires a year are caused by pets.  Pets are naturally curious, even around open flames.  Supervise your pet at all times around open fire, candles, and while cooking in the kitchen.  Be sure that any flame is completely extinguished before leaving your home or going to bed. Everyone loves candlelight, but consider switching to flameless candles and prevent your cat from accidentally causing a fire with the swat of his tail.  The stove is deadly – be sure to remove or cover stovetop knobs before you leave the house, or better yet, safely crate your pet every time you leave the home.  You may think your pet is well-behaved, but accidents will happen, and giving your pet a safe enclosure will protect them, as well as your home.

Mark July 15th on your family calendar and practice Pet Fire Safety yearly.  Your pets will thank you!
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